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The survey covers thirty-two executive positions in Information Technology.  Participants were requested to report required compensation data as of January 1, 2017.  Companies from the banking, biopharmaceutical, financial services, healthcare, insurance, investment management, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries participated in this survey.  The total number of personnel employed at the participating companies ranged from 1,540 to 68,300.  The number of employees working in the information technology area ranged from 335 to 4,300 with an average number of 1,576 employees.  In addition to the Market and Company reports, this survey provides information regarding:

Perquisites Offered  -  a table that indicates the level to which the perquisites are extended in each company.

Annual Bonus/Incentive Programs  -  an overview of annual bonus/incentive programs which includes how awards/participants are determined, if it is a unique plan for the IT area, if companies without a plan are working towards one, program design, and if award payments are deferred or lump-sum.

Long Term Programs  -  a report that indicates the level to which non-cash programs are extended in each company.

Hardware/Operating Systems/Environments   -   a chart that displays a summary of the hardware/operating systems utilized at the participating companies.

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