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Companies from the banking, biopharmaceutical, education services, financial services, healthcare, hospital, insurance, manufacturing – beverage, pharmaceutical, and technology services industries participated in this survey.  The total number of personnel employed at the participating companies ranged from 1,636 to 201,000.  The number of employees working in the information technology area ranged from 263 to 7,500 with an average number of 2,216 employees. In total, the participants matched 18,332 incumbents to the surveyed positions.  The turnover rate averaged 9.3%, ranging from a low of 6.6% to a high of 14.4%.

The following is a summary of 2017 merit programs and salary structure movement:

In addition to the Market and Company reports, this survey provides information regarding:

Training/Starting Salaries - this chart displays average salaries (or ranges) and training type/duration reported by companies that hire entry-level programmer/analysts.

Alternative Work Schedule Polices - this report summarizes shift differentials and other differential programs as well as On-call and Telecommuting policies utilized by the participating companies.

Hardware/Operating Systems/Environments - a chart that displays a summary of the hardware/operating systems utilized at the participating companies.

Hot Skills - this chart displays the number of companies who identified the surveyed skills as “hot” and the average percent premium paid, if any.

Special Programs - these reports summarize Retention, Outsourcing, Contract Employee, and Sign-on Bonus programs utilized by the participating companies.

Offshore Services - these summaries report information from the responding companies indicating whether or not they perform or plan to perform offshore services in the systems development, systems maintenance, computer operations, and help desk areas. The percentage of staff and budget assigned to these areas, and the percent of savings, if any, that have resulted from moving these areas offshore, are also reported.  In addition, information on offshore operations, such as whether Managers of offshore teams/projects are paid differently than Managers of domestic teams/projects, and whether companies recommend moving operations offshore is reported.




Merit Program




Structure Movement




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