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Q: What is the schedule for your surveys?

A:  Participants receive the survey input materials for the IT surveys at the beginning of January and data submission is due mid-March.  The IT Executive survey results are released in mid-June and the IT Professional survey results are released in mid-July.

Q:  What should we do when a person can be matched to more than one position in the survey?

A:  Identify the one position in the survey that most closely matches for content and proportion of working time.  Then, drop the extent of the job match  (i.e., from a “1” to a “2”, or a “2” to a “3”, etc.) to indicate there are differences between your position and the survey description.  Duplicated matches are not accepted.

Q:  Should we supply our position titles or yours?

A:  We recommend using your company titles.  We feel that it is easier to analyze and use your customized company reports when your position titles are displayed.

Q:  We see that the 75th percentile is your default for company reports.  Can we get the 80th percentile?

A:  You can request any percentile for your company reports.  Simply note the percentile you would like, in the space provided, on the “General Information Input Forms” when submitting your input.

Q:  What is the effective date of  the survey data?

A:  Report base salary information as of January 1st for both the IT Professional and IT Executive surveys.  Bonus and any long term information should reflect the most recent payout (i.e., report bonuses paid out after January 1st of the current year even though they were earned the previous year).

Q:  What if we cannot supply the information in the spreadsheet form ( i.e.,  order of columns, column widths, etc.) you supplied?

A:  No problem as long as the fields have headers that identify the information reported and is able to be brought into (either directly or by importing) an Excel spreadsheet.

Q:  Why do you require single incumbent data?

A:  We ask for single incumbent information so that we can calculate and report percentiles in the Market and Company reports of the results.  For the IT Professional survey, along with single incumbent compensation information, we also ask for the incumbent’s work location (Zip Code) so that we can analyze area differentials.

Q:  We’ve never participated in your survey.  Can we arrange a meeting?

A:  We try to conduct on-site meetings with all participating companies to review position matches.  We think these meetings are extremely important for all companies, but especially for first time participants and strongly encourage them to arrange one.