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This survey covers 45 Human Resources positions.  Fourteen companies from the advertising and marketing, education, home care, hospital, insurance, oil and natural gas, publishing, and utility industries participated in this survey.

The total number of personnel employed at the participating companies ranged from 1,500 to 49,600.  The number of employees working in the human resources area ranged from 30 to 905 with an average number of approximately 320 executives and professionals.  In total, the participants matched 1,089 incumbents to the surveyed positions.  The mean turnover rate is 12.0%, ranging from a low of 4.0% to a high of 28.3%.

The survey covers 41 human resources positions.  

In addition to the Market and Company reports, this survey provides information regarding:

Starting Salaries - this chart displays average salaries (or ranges) reported by companies that hire entry-level human resources professional positions.