Management Consultants
 Perlin & Tamblyn Associates, Inc.
Since 1979
   2017 Perlin & Tamblyn Associates, Inc.



Position Titles

Area Head

Division Head

Group Head, Generic

Group Head, Computer Services

Group Head, Information Management

Group Head, Systems Design and Development

Group Head, Telecommunication Services

Group Head, E-Commerce

Group Head, Information Security

Technology Research Head

Data Center Head

Systems Software Head

Manager, Systems Software

Quality Assurance Head

Systems Integration Services Head

Database Development and Administration Head

Systems Planning and Architecture Head

Systems Architecture Head

Manager, Resources Management

Systems Design and Development Head

Individual Computing Head

Manager, Data Communications Systems Software

Manager, Network Planning

Manager, Network Services

Information Security Head

Disaster Recovery Services Head

Senior Technical Consultant

Technical Consultant

Relationship Management Head

Relationship Manager

Web Master

Project Management Principal